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and for many areas in the east coast, it is still very much a search and rescue effort. now here in new york city there are two issues that prevail: power outages and the transit system. a lot of the subway trains were back up and running today however, that is in a very limited kind of fashion. so there are more subway stations includes the one that i'm in front of right now that are still shut down. the damage is unimaginable, the totally on human life and the devastation are still being tallied but the areas that are hardest hit, it's time to move forward. >> our jock job is to save lives. >> reporter: faced a choice of standing for lines for buses or trying to get to work on their own. >> normally, our train is 35 minutes door to door, i'm expecting a two hour walk. >> reporter: the transit authority says that nine of 23 subway lines are still not running. many much of manhattan south of 34th street remain in the dark. people there need food and republic. >> we're going to have to find some long-term or longer term solutions for this. >> reporter: lines for gas stations stretch for miles
. thirty-one flights canceled between san francisco, new york, new jersey, and philadelphia. >>> people are camping tonight in walnut creek. the tent city is the new chick- fil-a on northeast street. the restaurant opens tomorrow morning and the first 100 customers will get a free meal every week for an entire year. peaceful protesters also plan to show up after tomorrow's grand opening. they're upset by the donations that they've made to antigay organizations. coming up, where you can now lays up your ice skates and enjoy a san francisco tradition. a noticeable cooling trend, meteorologist mark will let us know about the wet weather coming our way. >> boy, what a change weather- wise, where we were a couple of days ago. to whether where we are today. >> 10-20-degree drop off. and we have more as he had as we as we head into thursday and friday. right now, the maps on mystormtracker. primarily portion of the north bay, we do have some low fog hanging around. as far as the coverage on the radar here. you'll notice this. there's not a lot out there in the states but this will be changing
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2